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Glitz & Glitter is the monthly newsletter published by the Millennium Costumers Guild. It contains news on upcoming meetings, conventions and activities as well as reports on past activities. It may also contain how-to articles, book reviews or biographies on current members.

Here you will find links to past issues of Glitz & Glitter. They are in PDF. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you need the Reader, it is a free download by clicking here. Warning: Even with my Broadband connection, it does take some time for these to load, as they are quite often graphic intensive.

If you would like to receive the current issue and be up-to-date on our most current activities, you can submit the membership form, found here.

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 January February March April
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Due to space limitations on our website, back issues will be removed after a year, perhaps sooner if we need the space. Even in PDF, these files are still quite large.