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The Millennium Costumers Guild was founded in 1988 and is a chapter of the International Costumers Guild, a non-profit educational organization.  We organized in response to a number of individuals who shared the same interests in creative costuming and make-up.  It is our goal to provide individuals with a resource group in which they can find inspiration, technical help and new

experiences.  We also hope to be able to provide an outlet for the exhibiting of their talents in various forms; regional competitions, local displays, club presentations, etc.

Costumers of all skill levels, interested in any aspect of costume design are all welcomed to join.  We also have members who only like to talk costuming, build props, shoot photo or video, work behind the scenes at costume events, or model the creations of other members.  Our members interests range from Historical Re-creation to Science Fiction to Anime.

Our chapter currently has members throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Georgia and California.

Membership includes:

  • Membership in the Millennium Costumers Guild

  • Access to all Guild resources

  • Membership in the International Costumers Guild (

  • Space on our website for your own personal costume promotions

  • Notification of Special Events, such as the backstage tour of Cirque du Soliel we took in June 2000

  • Subscription to Glitz & Glitter our local newsletter

As of 2/1/02, our dues are currently $20/year.  To print out our membership form, click here.

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